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The Environmental Walk Through is compliant with ASTM E2018-08, also known as the Property Condition Assessment.  The Walk Through helps users of the assessment gain an accurate and professional opinion of the current physical condition of a property.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

AWD provides three types of due diligence in the form of:

Environmental Due Diligence

Environmental due diligence is the process of determining the environmental condition of a property and assessing the liabilities and risks associated with purchasing the property. 

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Therefore, you may be looking for AWD to perform due diligence for you or your client if you are a:

  • Financial lender, broker or appraiser
  • Corporation seeking to expand your operations or facilities
  • An attorney representing someone who is purchasing or selling property
  • Any party seeking to screen a property's environmental risk

Transactional Screen

Environmental Walk Through

Transaction Screen Process

The Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is compliant with ASTM E1527-13.  The Phase I ESA is used by parties that wish to assess the environmental condition of a property taking into account commonly known and reasonably ascertainable information.  The Phase I ESA is intended to identify recognized environmental conditions in connection with a property.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

A variety of actions require due diligence to be performed on a property. The most common include:

  • Purchase of a property by a person or entity not previously on the title
  • Contemplation by a lender to provide a loan on the property
  • Partnership buyout or a corporate principal redistribution of ownership
  • Existing property owners desire to understand the hazardous history of the property
  • Requirement of a regulatory agency that suspects hazardous conditions at a property

The Transaction Screen Process is compliant with ASTM E1528-14.  The TSP is a procedure utilized when conducting a limited environmental due diligence.  It is intended to be utilized as an assessment of commercial real estate property where the user does not seek CERCLA Limited Liability Protections (LLPs).  The TSP is intended to identify potential environmental concerns connected to the property.

Users of Due Diligence

Environmental Walk Through