Site Investigation (SI) is the collection and evaluation of data, adequate to determine whether or not discharged contaminants exist at a site or have migrated or are migrating from the site at levels which exceed the applicable current remediation standards.  A site investigation is developed based upon information collected during an initial assessment of the property.

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Site Investigation  Services

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Environmental due diligence is the process of determining the environmental condition of a property and assessing liabilities and risks associated with purchasing the property. 

Depending on the type of assessment that you request, AWD will perform a combination of the following tasks:

     Contaminant Plume Determination                                            GIS Compliant Mapping

     Groundwater Monitoring                                                             Remediation Oversight

     Vapor Intrusion Investigation                                                    Remediation Cost Estimates

Depending on the type of assessment that you request, AWD will perform a combination of the following tasks:

Site Reconnaissance- AWD conducts a visual reconnaissance to observe the physical characteristics of the site and surrounding properties.  We make visual observations to assess the potential for the presence of environmental contamination by hazardous materials or petroleum products that could affect the air, soils, surface water or groundwater associated with the site.  We also make observations of surrounding areas from the subject site and public right-of-ways regarding land uses or activities of concern.

Historic Evaluation- AWD performs a historical evaluation of the site and vicinity by reviewing historical records which reflect prior uses of the property which may include aerial photographs, city directories, Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, topographic maps, and/or industrial directories. We also interview persons, if available, with direct and/or first-hand familiarity of the history of the site.

Regulatory Review- AWD will submit Freedom of Information (FOI) and Open Public Record Act (OPRA) requests to municipal, county, State and Federal government agency offices in order to determine if activities occurred at the site which were likely to cause or contribute to a release or threatened release of hazardous substances on the property.  In addition, AWD will review State and Federal database listings to obtain information concerning reported environmental incidents at the site and in the local vicinity of the site.

Reporting- AWD will provide its client (the user) a complete report documenting the assessment and will provide conclusions and recommendations for additional work, if any.  The report will conform to the guidelines and format provided in the corresponding ASTM standard.  Reliance letters for additional users can be prepared.

Due Diligence Services

AWD provides three types of due diligence in the form of:

Environmental Due Diligence