Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

Site Investigation (SI) is the collection and evaluation of data, adequate to determine whether or not discharged contaminants exist at a site or have migrated or are migrating from the site at levels which exceed the applicable current remediation standards.  A site investigation is developed based upon information collected during an initial assessment of the property.

Site Investigation Services

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The Phase II Environmental Site Assessment is compliant with ASTM E1903-11.  The Phase II ESA is intended for a user to obtain sound and scientifically valid data concerning property conditions and whether or not such data relates to a previously identified recognized environmental condition (REC) or data gap.  The data is used by users who seek additional information in order to determine one or more of the following objectives:

  • Assess whether there has been a release of a hazardous substance
  • Provide information relevant to identifying, defining and implementing landowner continuing obligations
  • Develop threshold knowledge of the presence of hazardous substances
  • Provide information relevant to the identifying, defining and evaluating property conditions associated with target analytes that may pose risk to human health and/or the environment
  • Provide information relevant to evaluating and allocating business environmental risk
  • Provide information to support disclosure of liabilities and contingent liabilities in financial transactions