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 Underground Storage Tank (UST)

Unregulated Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) continue to be a great concern for residential and commercial property owners in New Jersey.   A leaking oil tank can impact potable drinking wells, groundwater and negatively affect the property value.  Many owners prefer to remove the UST prior to listing the property on the real estate market. 

AW Drew can help by making the entire process easier for you. We will:

  • Meet with you to inspect the property
  • Explain the entire process to you in person
  • Ensure proper permits are applied for and received prior to any work
  • Obtain utility mark out confirmations
  • Provide oversite of excavation activities
  • Collect remediation samples, as needed

If the local municipal inspector passes the tank removal activities,

then no sampling is required.

AW Drew Environmental LLC is certified by the NJDEP for Closure and Subsurface Evaluation activities with No. UST700234

If the local municipal inspector does not pass the tank removal activities, then a discharge must be reported to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP).

Unregulated USTs will enter into the Unregulated Heating Oil Tank (UHOT) Program, which was established by NJDEP in order for unregulated UST owners in New Jersey to utilize the services of UST-certified individuals to perform tank services such as closure/removal and cleanup. Unregulated heating oil USTs include all residential tanks and those non-residential tanks that have a capacity of 2000 gallons or less and have been used to store heating oil for onsite consumption.

AWD will work with you, and your contractor (if applicable), from initial sampling through issuance of the No Further Action clearance letter issued by the NJDEP.

Unregulated Heating Oil Tank Program

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